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Briefly introduce the characteristics of the paste labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
In the paste labeling machine system, the first-level supervision code of the product adopts variable code printing (online printing), and a barcode (two-dimensional code) reader is installed on the packaging production line, and the first-level supervision code is scanned, and the sound and light alarm prompts errors, automatically Culling. The screen displays the scanning information. After the number of boxes set by the system is reached, the printer will print the box code, manually label it (automatic labeling), and place it on the production line to continue flowing forward. The second-level scanner scans the box code (acousto-optic Alarm error and automatically reject), after reaching the number of small boxes set by the system, print the box code, and manually pack and label (automatic labeling). After the production is completed, the associated relationship data can be sent to the data management unit via the network or offline (exported by a mobile storage device). The following briefly introduces the characteristics of the paste labeling machine, as follows:      1. It is convenient for future product destinations and supervision and inspection of the production process. 2. Box codes and outer packaging box codes are generated online, and the box code and box code are not Confusion, error 3. It can quickly scan and record the barcode of each product and upload it to the data terminal 4. Realize automatic online generation of first-level codes and second-level codes, and they are related to each other
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