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Basic solutions for problems with automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-13
With the current era basically relying on machinery to carry out, the automatic labeling machine is one of them, and we usually use it more commonly. The work of the automatic labeling machine is carried out at the same time according to the distribution of links. There will be corresponding equipment in the link, and sometimes we will have some failures when we use the machinery, so how to solve the failure of the automatic labeling machine in time? The following is the editor of Bogao logo automatic labeling machine manufacturer to answer for everyone. There are only two cases when there are problems with the automatic labeling machine, one is improper operation, and the other is improper maintenance. The solution to the improper operation of the automatic labeling machine; 1. When there are a series of problems such as missing labels, not showing labels, or relabeling. These conditions can be dealt with only by referring to the operation manual from the equipment. 2. If you encounter labeling misalignment, you will encounter more technical problems. Under normal conditions, the center of the label brush is aligned with the label and the two sides are symmetrical. The marking brush is perpendicular to the container surface, the center line of the marking box, the center axis of the marking station is tangent to the label paper, and the center axis of the marking plate forms a line at three points. Adjust the marking plate and the label paper to be tangent (0 interval), and then move the label box closer 1mm~2mm is enough. 3. When the switch of the automatic labeling machine is turned on, the indicator does not light up. The automatic labeling machine first checks whether the fuse and relay of the equipment are burned out, and then it can be changed. If the indicator light is on, the equipment does not rotate or the rotating speed is slow, then immediately turn off the switch, stop the rotating shaft to check, add smoothing agent, and continue to run. Pay attention to equipment maintenance. A good maintenance cycle can make the labeling equipment use stable and have a long service life. How to deal with the crooked labeling of the automatic labeling machine? Stop the operation of the automatic labeling machine equipment (this is an important step, remember not to look for a treatment method during operation) 1. Check whether the labeling heads on both sides are loose, and use the tools configured by the manufacturer to stop the stability. 2. Check whether the material tray of the wrapped label is loose or the rotation speed is uneven, just add the oil smooth. 3. Check the parameters of the operating system to prevent the labeling of different products under the same parameters of the equipment. 4. Adjust the labeling head. Put the labeling product separately. When the tape is being transported, the first three steps of whether it can shake or vibrate must be operated after the machine is shut down. If the above four are not able to deal with the problem of crooked labeling. Do not disassemble or change the internal parts of the equipment without permission, and you need to hand over to professionals to stop equipment maintenance. The above is the introduction of the editor of Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer on how to solve the failure of the automatic labeling machine in a timely manner. If you want to know more details, please contact this site.
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