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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-19
In the era of more and more industrial automation in the modern market, various industries have also entered the era of automation development under the influence of the market. Today, with the rapid increase in labor value and the development of automation and intelligence, automatic round bottle labeling machines have gradually replaced manual labeling. Reduce unnecessary costs and improve efficiency. It is well known that the fully automatic round bottle labeling machine provides a strong guarantee for the rapid listing of products. What are the advantages of the automatic labeling machine? Why do you say that the automatic round bottle labeling machine will definitely replace manual labeling. Low investment and great benefit! The most obvious feature of modern production is the use of high technology to complete the work that required dozens or even hundreds of people in the past. Pure manual labor no longer exists. Therefore, in order to keep up with the trend of the times, it is necessary to continuously develop and utilize new things. In order to more effectively use low-cost raw materials to produce products, production companies must rely on mechanized operations. Only in this way can they achieve their goals. Only by combining some relatively advanced technical production operations can the production be completed more effectively. Therefore, the fully automatic labeling machine has created a new labeling machine era. It will become the link between the past and the future and provide the most basic for the efficient production of enterprises. The service brings good news to enterprises and lays the foundation for the all-round development of the labeling machine industry in the future. High-precision, stable performance, and invisible cost savings, manual labeling sometimes causes label waste due to wrinkling, misalignment, skewing and other reasons. This is not the case with labelling machines. In addition, in the case of high labeling accuracy, a good appearance can give consumers a good impression and improve the sales effect of the product. Manual labeling takes about 7-8 seconds. The automatic labeling machine is at least three times more than manual labeling. The automatic labeling machine can reach an accuracy of ±1mm. The accuracy of manual labeling is basically difficult to guarantee. Improve the labeling effect and make customers more satisfied. The production efficiency is improved, the delivery cycle is shortened, and material and human resources are saved. Avoid customer complaints and customer loss due to delayed delivery. The automatic round bottle labeling machine not only improves the efficiency, but also greatly improves the labeling effect!
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