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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-19
First of all, if the consumer's economic conditions permit it, it is definitely the most suitable to buy a brand new labeling machine. There are three specific reasons: First, the newly purchased automatic labeling machine does not have to worry about whether there are potential equipment problems, because the manufacturers will carry out various strict assembly and testing before they are sold on the market, so the brand-new labeling machine The safety of the standard equipment is high, and the stability of the equipment is good. Second, brand-new equipment has complete after-sales service. If it fails during use, you can find after-sales personnel to repair it. Second-hand equipment is difficult to protect your own interests, so brand-new equipment is more secure. Third, in terms of cost performance, since it is difficult to determine the performance of new and old labeling machines, it is still worth considering whether it is cost-effective to buy second-hand ones. In addition, we also need to consider whether buying second-hand ones is scammed by others. , After all, it can’t be used after two days after buying it, which is really a loss. Secondly, if the requirements for labeling machines are not high and the capital invested is not very sufficient, second-hand ones are indeed the best choice. After all, as long as the second-hand labeling machine is formal, it will have relevant performance parameters. It can meet the needs of the middle and low-end processing market in terms of main functions. Although the quality and speed will certainly be inferior to the brand-new labeling machine, it can still meet the basic requirements. The labeling machine requirements, but the processing efficiency is relatively low. When you find it difficult to maintain production demand, you can also sell to manufacturers that have lower demand than their own production. Finally, when choosing an automatic labeling machine, you still have to consider the actual situation in your own factory.
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