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Automatic round bottle labeling machine semi-automatic high precision flat labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-20
There are two main styles of vertical round bottle labeling machine, one is called positioning type and the other is roll type. So which one should we choose when purchasing labeling machine? The editor briefly explained these two machines, and you will know which labeling machine to buy. 1. Positioning round bottle labeling machine: ①Positioning labeling: labeling and labeling use 3 rubber rollers to drive the product, so that the product can rotate in situ to achieve labeling. This is called positioning labeling, and it is applied to this kind of positioning labeling label. The perimeter occupies more than 2/3 of the label of the product being affixed, and the positioning sticker can effectively ensure the labeling accuracy. ②Fixed-point labeling: Positioning refers to labeling at the designated position of the product. If some products must be labeled at a known position or need to avoid certain elements of the product, this is called fixed-point labeling. ③Dual labeling: labeling refers to one The product needs to be labeled with two labels. The relative position of the two labels can be determined by setting parameters. This is called double-label labeling ④ Fixed-point double labeling: refers to the first label to be labeled at the designated position of the product, and the second label The relative position of the two labels can be determined by setting parameters. Circumferential products need to be labeled with a large circumference label and a label at a designated position. For a product with 2 labels, you need to choose a positioning type round bottle labeling machine. 2. The rolling type round bottle labeling machine is carried out by a belt pulley carrying the product on its own. For labeling, it can only affix one label. When the product passes through the rolling mechanism, the motion trajectory is not better than that of the positioning type, and the accuracy is not better than that of the positioning type when attaching labels with large circumferences. Therefore, the rolling type labeling machine is suitable for a label circumference of less than 2/3 of the product. But one of its advantages is that it is faster than positioning. One label is attached to the circumference product, no need to specify the position to label, short perimeter label, you can choose the roller type round bottle labeling machine
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