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Automatic round bottle labeling machine high-precision semi-automatic flat labeling machine self-adhesive labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-18
1. Purchasing labeling machine according to the purpose Before choosing a labeling machine manufacturer, you should clarify the type of product you need to label, which is flat, flat bottle, round bottle; the labeling position of the product is flat or single-sided, Cylinder paste, multi-sided paste, partial or full cylinder paste, concave and corner paste, etc., whether the machine you want to buy is manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Therefore, before choosing a labeling machine manufacturer, we should first choose a labeling manufacturer according to our product type and production scale. 2. Choose according to the performance configuration 1. Whether the labeling machine is simple to operate, more automated, and the adjustment of mechanical operation is simplified, and electromechanical integration is the development trend of labeling machinery. The motion control of the equipment is related to the performance of the packaging machinery, so as a brand, efficient customer service and rapid response to mechanical maintenance will be one of the most important competitive conditions, and it is also a priority for us to choose labeling; 2 . Whether the supporting equipment is complete The supporting equipment is relatively complete, which can maximize the function of the main engine and is a crucial factor to improve the market competitiveness and economic efficiency of the equipment brand. Only attaching importance to the production of the main engine without considering the completeness of the supporting equipment will make the packaging machinery unable to perform its due functions; 3. The manufacturer's after-sales service capability A good labeling machine must not only be reflected in the advanced technology, structure, and performance, but also It is also reflected in the entire after-sales level, especially after-sales service. The thoughtful, quick response and timely solution are the primary considerations for purchasing equipment; 3. The price of labeling machine When buying a labeling machine, we are most concerned about the price issue. How much is the labeling machine? Does the bulk purchase manufacturer have a wholesale price? The performance does not match the price. Regarding the question of how much is the labeling machine, in fact, even the labeling machine manufacturer cannot simply answer this question. There are many types of labeling machines, and the prices are different for different models, which is the same as the different prices of cars of the same company with different configurations. Now the whole domestic labeling machinery market, the prices of different manufacturers will be even more different. In summary, the price of the labeling machine varies, and the price of each manufacturer's product is not the same. Therefore, 'how much is the labeling machine' is a broad question. If the customer wants to know the price of the labeling machine, try to The target samples and samples are sent to the manufacturer for evaluation and testing, so that a more appropriate price can be quoted.
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