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Automatic round bottle labeling machine high-precision semi-automatic flat labeling machine self-adhesive labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-18
Self-adhesive labeling machine is the most common type of labeling machine in recent years, and its technology is also rapidly improving. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, both the labeling production equipment and the self-adhesive label and the bottle to be applied will raise higher requirements. Now facing the domestic market of self-adhesive labeling machines with different good and bad, how can pharmaceutical manufacturers choose self-adhesive labeling machines with higher cost performance will be a problem that people are concerned about. Looking at the self-adhesive labeling machines at home and abroad, their working principles are similar. They are all made of label peeling transfer and rolling, but their control and manufacturing are not the same. In the past, the labeling position detected by the self-adhesive labeling machine used the front edge of the bottle as the photosensitive point. Because bottles of different diameters need to be moved by the corresponding electric eye or change the labeling time, if this change is not made, the labeling cannot be guaranteed. At the required position for each bottle. The current products all have the 'automatically calculate label length' function, which effectively compensates for the above-mentioned weaknesses. In terms of the synchronization of the control speed, the self-adhesive labeling machine should not only have the above-mentioned 'automatic label length calculation' function, but also automatically complete the synchronous adjustment of the conveyor belt speed, the labeling speed, and the labeling length. This is also in line with the traditional The difference between the self-adhesive labeling machine is the guarantee of the stability of labeling quality. The control speed of the traditional self-adhesive labeling machine is adjusted by human experience, and the difficulty of artificial adjustment is that all actions are difficult to synchronize. If it is not synchronized, the labeling process will change frequently, resulting in poor labeling quality. In the control system of the labeling machine, the control system (PLC+human-machine interface) is the first choice. Compared with the early single-chip microcomputers, the use of general-purpose PLC as the main control device can enable the PLC control system to achieve the following goals: 1. More Stable and more reliable; 2. It is easier to maintain and upgrade in the future; 3. It can be easily controlled online with upper and lower stations. In addition, the labeling machine must also consider the addition of a visual system, which can perform real-time detection, control and alarm on the integrity of the printing, the condition of the type, and whether the label after labeling is present or not, and whether it is complete.
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