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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
The labeling machine is a key process in the production of product packaging, and its operating state and stability play a decisive role in product packaging. Therefore, high-performance labeling machines have always been the alchemy stone for food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturers to improve their product quality. Therefore, the labeling machine manufacturer must provide the best tool for the customer's alchemy stone, that is, the automatic labeling machine. 1. Complete categories, no lack of innovative Bogao logos. So far, the fourth generation of labeling equipment has been successfully developed, and more than 2,000 equipment have been offline, including 15 standard series, general series, standard modified series, and non-standard series. There are more than 60 types of automatic labeling equipment in this series. The degree of automation of the products covers the range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. It can basically be applied in all walks of life. It is representative of the most widely used industries: food, wine, medicine, chemical, Cosmetics, electronic hardware, plastics, etc. We pursue easier operation of our products, provide customers with equipment with simpler operation and higher degree of electromechanical integration, continue to test the latest application technologies, simplify the operation and installation process, and strive to make customers more convenient and efficient. When it comes to Bogao logo labeling machines, each piece of equipment has the unique efforts of Bogao logo designers, which is the biggest feature that distinguishes other labeling machines, and can meet the labeling tasks of different products and different needs of customers. 2. Perfect after-sales service and well-managed customers. For customers who have purchased a Bogao labeling machine, our Bogao logo service is the real beginning. In order to allow customers to get the 'best after-sales experienceBefore the product reaches the customer, the product performance will be debugged to the best condition by professional commissioning technicians, and then the detailed instructional video will be sent to the customer. In addition, customers will also receive one-to-one follow-up services by dedicated after-sales service engineers, and there will be regular return visits by customer service personnel. Bogao Logo also has a 24-hour free service hotline to provide assistance to customers at any time. For products that have problems, it will formulate different service measures according to the specific conditions, and solve the problems for customers in the first time. The emergence of automatic labeling machines has profoundly affected social progress and people’s lives. Labeling machine manufacturers must not only follow the development trend, but also strive to promote this good momentum, and strive to provide customers with the most perfect automatic labeling solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. Maximum benefit. Bogao Logo looks forward to working with you to create success together! Remember, the Bogao logo is the abbreviation. If you have product packaging needs, you can always find us, and we will give you the most professional advice!
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