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Automatic double-head labeling machine is favored by the packaging industry

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-21
What labeling machine can become the new darling in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries in 2019? In the past, flat labeling machines were widely used in the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries. With the rapid development of labeling technology, the labeling machine equipment selected by different packaging industries has gradually put forward new requirements and allowed labeling machines to enter In the era of fully automated labeling, the competition for labeling machines on the market has become more intense last time. Among them, the automatic double-head labeling machine (double side, double plane, top and bottom) labeling machine, because of its high labeling stability and diversified functions, effectively reduces the cost of traditional labeling machines, and is favored by the packaging industry. From the point of view of the labeling machine equipment structure, the automatic double-sided labeling machine, the double-plane labeling machine, the upper and lower labeling machine have two labeling machine heads, and the body is larger than the general labeling machine. Correction and upper pressing mechanism. Correction can make the product walk more positively when entering the track without skewing. When the product enters the conveying clamping, the upper pressing will hold down the product without skewing or skewing, especially when labeling. Pulling the label causes the bottle to shake, causing inaccurate labeling. From the function of labeling machine, the fully automatic double-sided labeling machine, double-plane labeling machine, and upper and lower labeling machine can be used in one machine for multiple purposes. Single-sided and single-sided labeling can also be completed for round bottle double-sided and single-sided labeling, and a machine head can be added to complete the labeling of three-label products according to customer needs. At present, the manufacturers and operators of fully automatic double-sided labeling machines, double-sided labeling machines, and upper and lower labeling machines are quite mature, and they are widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, attracting more companies in the industry to purchase such machinery. With the increasingly fierce market competition, how manufacturers of automatic double-sided labeling machines, double-plane labeling machines, and upper and lower labeling machines stand out and become the new darlings of 2019. Bogao logo engineers said that the labeling machine equipment can be upgraded from the following aspects. 1. The labeling machine market is ever-changing. In Industry 4.0, the era of high-tech automation, the development of self-adhesive labeling machines should also meet the requirements of the times. Labeling machine manufacturers should continue to learn, introduce international technology, and upgrade the Ru0026D team to focus on the intelligentization of automatic labeling machines, so that the products have technological advantages and keep pace with the international. 2. With the upgrading of consumer consumption levels, more and more attention is paid to product values. Quality is also the key to judging the quality of a product. The labeling machine manufacturing company needs to control the quality requirements, strictly control every link of production, and control the quality in production. 3. At present, there are various types of automatic double-head labeling machines, but products with a single function no longer meet the needs of user enterprise development. More and more products are beginning to develop towards diversification. Enterprises should follow in their footsteps and develop multi-functional Products to meet market needs. 4. In addition to quality, consumers now attach great importance to after-sales service of enterprises. 'Without a perfect after-sales service, consumers will be dissatisfied with the product. In this way, the image of the company will be destroyed and the product will be nowhere to be sold.' Therefore, a sound and complete after-sales service will be established. , Establishing a good after-sales service team is an important factor in enterprise development. 5. At present, many labeling machine equipment manufacturers have corresponding service support before, during and after sales, to solve problems in time for customers and bring customers more value experience. 6. Strengthen brand building and take the brand line, which is also in line with the needs of any company's future development. At present, although the domestic labeling machine equipment market has diverse product types and a huge market scale, it lacks competitive brand products. A good brand can leave a deep impression on users. Therefore, labeling machine manufacturers should strictly control quality, attach great importance to service quality, adhere to the tenet of high-quality service and affordable prices, establish a good reputation in the industry, build their own brand power, and promote better products at home and abroad market.
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