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Analyze what to do when the label tape of the online printing labeling machine goes off-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
1. Standard tape deviation      can be checked by technicians to see if the tape deviation phenomenon is caused by too tight installation of the press belt. If so, just adjust the pressure of the press belt.    2, there are bubbles or wrinkles when labeling     The technician can observe, if the labeling is not complete, you can try to reduce the labeling speed. If there are wrinkles, you can reduce the intensity of labeling.    3, the front and back of the label are not aligned      The inclination of the support bar can be adjusted to restore the label to the position where it needs to be labeled.     What we should pay attention to is:      1. While we solve the problem, we should let the manufacturer perform regular maintenance on the online printing and labeling machine to reduce the chance of problems during the use of the machine.    2. If you encounter a problem that cannot be repaired, you still need to contact the manufacturer in time to respond to the problem and proceed to the next step to avoid delaying the production task.     3. Choosing a good manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the online printing and labeling machine and the solution of after-sales problems.
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