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Analysis of the main functions and characteristics of the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-28
1. Basic use:      1. Automatic labeling and filming on various large-area flat products, such as cloth labeling, wallpaper labeling, etc.;     2. The replacement mechanism can be used to paste uneven surfaces and curved surfaces;      3. Optional coding Machine, inkjet printer, to realize the integration of labeling-printing barcode and batch number.     2. Scope of application:      Use labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.    Applicable products: products that require labels or films to be attached to flat or curved surfaces.    Application industries: papermaking, printing, mobile phones, packaging, stationery, food, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, tobacco and other industries. 3. Working process:      core principle: the equipment detects the product passing, and transmits the signal to the labeling system. After the signal is processed by the PLC, the label is sent to the set position of the product at the appropriate time, and the product flows through the labeling mechanism, and the label is covered. , The attaching action of a label is completed.    Operation process: release product (can be connected to the assembly line)>product delivery>product correction>product inspection>labeling>labeling>collecting labeled products. 4. Main functions and features:      1. It has a wide range of applications, which can meet the requirements of flat labeling or filming of products with a width of 30mm~350mm, as well as labeling on uneven surfaces;     2. High labeling accuracy, accurate label delivery motor + label tape Detour correction mechanism to ensure accurate labeling and high precision labeling;     3. Rugged and durable, adopts three-bar adjustment mechanism for stability, the whole machine is solid and durable;     4. High stability, advanced electronic control system composed of internationally renowned brands, support 7 ×24 hours operation;      5. Simple adjustment, design 6 degrees of freedom adjustment seat, the conversion between different products becomes simple and time-saving;     6. Flexible application, single machine production, can be connected to assembly line production, now the layout and installation are simple and convenient     7. Intelligent control, touch screen operation interface, quick and simple adjustment of various parameters, convenient operation;      8. Powerful function, with outstanding functions such as production count, production number setting prompt, parameter setting protection, etc., convenient for production management;      9. Optional Equipped with functions and components:     ①Hot coding/printing function;     ②Automatic feeding function;     ③Automatic feeding function;     ④Add labeling device;      other functions (as required)
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